Stories of Inspiration and Success

In District 42 we believe that every member has a story to tell. Stories which can bring hope to other members who might be stuck, and inspiration to clubs which may be languishing. District Director Bev LeBlanc wants to leave a legacy of hope and inspiration by collecting these stories and sharing them on our District website. Her goal is to collect and share 200 stories from our members and clubs.

We introduce to you, “Shine the Light: Stories of Inspiration and Success”. A feature of the District 42 website which will spotlight stories of the incredible things happening to our members, and the tremendous successes taking place within our clubs. We want to share your stories. Don’t hide them. Let’s shine a great big spotlight on them.

Ask Yourself…

How has Toastmasters changed you personally or professionally?
Who has been a source of hope and inspiration?
Who have you helped to achieve personal or professional success?

Write and submit Your Story

Write or record a brief story. Stories should be brief, clear, and inspiring using the following template.

  • THEN – Where were you before Toastmasters?
  • NOW – Where are you now?
  • HOW – How did you get there?

Stories can be submitted in writing, via video, audio or narrated slideshow. Written stories should be able to be read in 2-3 minutes. Audio, video and slideshows should be 1-2 minutes long.

Once you have completed your story, send it to us at:
We’ll review it and have it posted on the District Website.

For complete details visit:

Celebrating Our Successes

By hearing stories of success from our fellow Toastmasters, we gain hope and inspiration for our own journey. Join us as we “Shine the Light” on your stories of Inspiration and success. Let’s come together and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of our members!

Chuck LeBlanc, DTM
Division D Director

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