Is side-by-side view something you use in your Zoom sessions?
The view the viewer sees in Zoom is something the viewer can control. You can manage this by using the VIEW icon (upper right corner on my screen) to change from Gallery to Speaker view.

The side-by-side view is another option and is very useful when the presenter is using slides. This view allows me to see the slide and the gallery beside it on the right-hand side. I like this as the slide is not obscured with the gallery videos on top of it. I can also make the slide smaller and the gallery bigger by hovering my mouse over the gap between the two, finding the white line, and moving it left or right to change the slide size. If I use the VIEW icon now, I will have the options: side-by-side gallery, or side-by-side speaker. I like to use the side-by-side speaker and slide over to make the slide smaller and the speaker larger.

To turn on side-by-side:

  • Go into video settings (use the up arrow beside the video icon.
  • Select: Share Screen (in the left-hand sidebar)
  • In the list that opens up choose: “Side by side mode”. Ensure this box is checked.
  • Exit the window and this feature will be on the next time a slide is shared.

Try the VIEW icon to see how the choices change when this feature is on and a slide is shared.
When you are there, hover between the slide and gallery to change the size of the slide.
Now when you are in a meeting with slides being shared, you can see the speaker with facial expressions, and the information on the slide need not be obscured by videos!

Mary Schoendorfer, DTM
Division E Director 2021-2022
District 42

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