I heard a quote recently that says, where your focus goes, your energy flows.   It really got me thinking about where our focus is now and where our energy is going.   We are one of the only Districts in Region 4 to hold fall contests, so I hope your focus has been on Tall Tales and Table Topics contests, whether as a competitor, official or an audience member.  I am proud that our District keeps our focus on providing fun and interesting ways to work together to develop our skills and celebrate the best speakers in our District.

The fall is a difficult time for many organizations because people tend to lose focus after summer vacations and in the fall organizations tend to lose members.  But by now, members are coming back to their clubs and finding that their energy goes where their focus goes.  Right now Is the best time to re-focus on delivering our best possible speeches, giving our best possible evaluations and working towards completing a Pathways level.   We are a public speaking organization but we are so much more.   We are a family who learns and grows together while having fun.   We support each other in our individual learning journeys.   And we create clubs with unique cultures where we can become the best part of each others’ week.  And our focus, as always, is on helping each other improve and on creating the best clubs.

Right now I would like to say one thing – thank you!   With all that is going on around us, it would be easy to lose focus and not engage in our organization.   But here we are together, enjoying the Toastmasters program.   Thank you to each and every member who is so important in the success of District 42.   With every speech you give, with every meeting you attend, with every new member you inspire, you keep District 42 moving forward.   You are the reason we plan events and offer training beyond the club level.   You are the reason the District leadership team works tirelessly to build and support clubs.   Thank you for keeping your focus on the Toastmasters program and our District.

I can guarantee one thing.  The Toastmasters program will work for you, if you work the program.  Keep your focus right where it is, on getting as much as possible out of Toastmasters and enjoying the Toastmasters family at all levels. 

Katrina Aburrow, DTM
D42 District Director 

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