Building Membership

We have been campaigning for the “Talk Up Toastmasters” award recently. It covers the increase in membership during February and March primarily through spreading the word and bringing guests to your club meeting. We already have one club in our district that has gained five members in February – “Igniters Club.”  Here are the tips from Igniters Club.   

We have two more clubs that are getting there, with three new members in February: “Twin Towers Toastmasters Club” and “Calgary Talking Toastmasters.”   Congratulations to all of them.   We are proud of your achievements. 

This campaign is just the start to get into that habit. We should do the same month after month to continually increase our membership. We heard a lot of tips on how to increase membership, and we believe we can do more. Here are our top 10 tips to consider. If we can only apply at least one of these each month, it could make a difference in each of our clubs:

    1. Recruit new members by giving short talks about Toastmasters at company events.
    2. Continually advertise your club, announce your club’s time and meeting location or remote link in intranet, newspapers, company channels like MS Teams, etc.
    3. Provide valuable materials like brochures or a copy of the Toastmaster magazine.
    4. Welcome guests warmly.
    5. Develop club talking points that can be used when talking to prospective members.
    6. Schedule educational speeches.
    7. Conduct theme meetings.
    8. Keep club website up-to-date.
    9. Implement a mentorship program. If short of experienced members, apply the “Mentor for the week” approach or a “Buddy System”.
    10. Make sure to follow up with guests.

For more details on these tips and several more ideas, you can also refer to this article:

Along with this, we want to share a few reminders:

    • Membership dues are due by the end of March. 8 paid members are needed to be an active club
    • To be a distinguished club, meet membership goals by the end of June with April-Oct dues paid by March. 

Good luck!

 Eugene Sicat,
District 42 Club Growth Director 

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