Celebrating Accomplishments

Dear Members,

As we approach the end of another remarkable year, it is with great pleasure and a sense of pride that I reflect upon our collective accomplishments and the progress we have made. Together, we have navigated through challenges, embraced opportunities, and achieved remarkable milestones that have shaped our district’s success.

Over the past year, our team has exhibited unwavering commitment, resilience, and a shared vision propelling us forward. Collectively, so much was accomplished and I take this moment to celebrate our achievements. We navigated through the COVID maze to where we are now, transitioning once again to an unfamiliar environment (aka hybrid).

Hard Work

First and foremost, allow me to express my gratitude for every one of you who has contributed to our district’s accomplishments. As you read through this newsletter, you will see how much has been done by you and your fellow Toastmasters. Your hard work, dedication, and passion have been instrumental in driving our success. Whether it was meeting demanding deadlines, overcoming obstacles, or going the extra mile, you have consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence that sets our district apart.


In the fall, you conducted Training & Development sessions in a timely & effective manner. The positive comments from many participants reflect the excellence the organizers showed. The contests at all levels were also well planned and carried out, again reflecting the organizers’ commitment to excellence.


We held the first-ever hybrid conference. I’m sure all will agree it was a resounding success. I honestly forgot how nice it was to meet face-to-face with fellow Toastmasters. The comments I heard throughout were “Oh my, you’re so tall” or “Oh my, you’re shorter than I thought.” We may never go back to a strictly in-person event, but the conference reminded many of us how valuable personal contact can be.

On a personal level, I have witnessed tremendous growth and development within our team. I have seen individuals stepping up to take on new responsibilities, embracing challenges, and displaying a strong sense of ownership. Your willingness to learn, adapt, and continuously improve is truly inspiring and contributed to our overall success.

Lessons Learned

As we wind up this year, it is important to celebrate our accomplishments and also to reflect on the lessons learned. Let us not forget the challenges we faced, as they have provided us with invaluable opportunities for growth and improvement. By learning from both our successes and disappointments, we can continue to push the boundaries of what we can achieve.

Looking ahead

I am filled with optimism and excitement for the future. Together, we have built a solid foundation upon which we can continue to grow and thrive. The coming year holds even more possibilities, and I do not doubt that with our collective dedication and passion, we will overcome any obstacles and achieve new heights.

Please accept my deepest appreciation for your hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence throughout this year. Our accomplishments are a testament to the remarkable individuals that make up our team. As we embark on a new year filled with opportunities and challenges, let us continue to work together, support one another, and strive for greatness.

Again, Thank you for your exceptional efforts; I wish you all a fabulous new Toastmasters year.

Best regards,

Bev LeBlanc, DTM
District Director, D42 

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