Club Mentor: The Sky’s The Limit

Donna: Kepler Astrologers Toastmasters is a one-year-old club. With the idea for an online club geared towards Astrologers, we needed support with the Toastmasters parts. Susan, a former Astrology student and active Toastmaster became a Club Sponsor along with Brian; Mike and Wendy joined the team as Club Mentors.

Wendy: I remember my first day as Club Mentor at Kepler Astrologers Toastmasters with the same fondness as my first day of University French class—in neither case could I understand the language.

When approached to take on the role of Club Mentor, like many Toastmaster-related opportunities, I didn’t feel ready. But I agreed because someone believed in me.

Donna: In the early months, with only one experienced member, we kept our mentoring team busy with questions about EVERYTHING. With their guidance, our club chartered within a few months. Contest season came, and members entered all four contests; one competed at the Division E Humour Contest, and another came Second at the District International Speech Contest. So proud. Now, we have our eye on the distinguished club designation—in our first year!

Wendy: Providing encouragement enabled members to spread their wings. I witnessed members grow in roles, speeches, feedback, and community. We have learned from one another.

Club member: “You clearly lead by example. I appreciate this since it is a sincere and authentic way to show how to grow.”

 A Club Mentor Leads by Example: Be what you already know. You bring a breadth of life experience into the role. When problems arise and opportunities are revealed, share your experience. Communicate honestly and be curious about the members.

“When I couldn’t pull my notes up during the contest, you were very kind. It buoyed my spirits in a moment of regret. Lesson learned, and more importantly, the support given at a key moment. I appreciate your leadership.”

A Club Mentor Encourages Growth through Support: Each member explores their own unique path. The greatest gift to offer is your ears. When listening, it becomes easier to step in with support when needed; to stand by when a member tries something new, and to observe when a mistake might be the best teacher.

“Most of my life, I have had men as mentors…meeting you and Donna (and others in Circle of Gold) has changed that…a manifestation of me allowing the Divine Feminine to flower in me. You shine your light, I feel lit up by it … your light helps my light blossom further, my light intermingles with yours in harmonious color…and the other’s light threatens neither of us…what an essential and welcome gift in my life.”

A Club Mentor Inspires: Until you are caught inspiring and motivating someone else–you have no idea what you’re capable of. Inspiration at Kepler Astrologers Toastmasters is a two-way street where the sky’s the limit. I gained as much as I gave.

Donna: Our club has come a long way in a short period of time. I know that the growth of the members and the club wouldn’t have been possible without the exceptional support we received from our mentors and sponsors. 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb


Donna Young, Club Founder and President

Wendy Ireland, Club Mentor

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