Club Fitness Award Recipients

At the time we are writing this article, we have identified some of the clubs in our district that have achieved the Club Fitness Award.   With the help of our Area Directors, we confirmed that they have completed:

  • Renewing and updating their Club Success Plan
  • Verifying Club Roster
  • Conducting a Moments of Truth

Club Roster

Administrative tasks aren’t sexy, and there really isn’t anything to show for the effort! But these are the invisible jobs that make a Club run smoothly. Examples are: sending the money in, maintaining a current Officer list, keeping an eye out for typos and errors and having them corrected.

Club Success Plan

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” Lewis Carroll.  A Club Success Plan identifies goals – where the Club is going, and the steps – or the road, needed to achieve those goals.

Moments of Truth

Every member wants to showcase their Club in the most favourable light. Moments of Truth is a free, downloadable resource.  Use it as a starting point to develop your own presentation; something that holds to the intention, but is meaningful to your club.

The Clubs listed below have demonstrated the core values of Integrity and Excellence and will be rewarded with a portable Bluetooth speaker for achieving the 2022 Club Fitness Award.

Please help us congratulate the following clubs:

Club Fitness Award 2022

Knowing the importance of planning is vital, and the Club Success Plan helps us to reach our club’s goal.

Pursuing our goals needs the players, namely our members and officers. Therefore, we must keep them on our roster with updated information.

Getting insights from our members through the Moments of Truth, ensures we are always in check to affirm that we are charting the right course or whether we need to change our approach for the welfare of our members.

To all these clubs, we salute you for your commitment and dedication.

Eugene Sicat,
District 42 Program Quality Director

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