Getting Creative With Public Relations

Brave Branding

Be familiar with the Toastmasters brand and the core pillars of the organization. In Toastmasters, all members are guided by integrity, respect, service, and excellence. 
Start thinking outside of the box and be bold with your messaging.  Each club is different and unique, don’t be afraid to advertise these quirks!


Knowing more about your membership is a great way to research what means most to your members which will help you create a relevant PR plan.  It is about choosing the right topics and headline-creative questions that pertain to your members. 
Try using a free online survey, for example, Survey Monkey.


Images often speak louder than words especially now in a virtually dominant world.  Using the right images with your words will create an opportunity to make a lasting impression on your members and prospective members alike. 
Try browsing the Toastmasters International image gallery or create your own using free online platforms such as Canva (

Looks who’s talking

While most clubs leave the messaging to the VP Public Relations it is also proven to be quite effective and memorable to let someone else do the talking.  Try having current members submit a testimonial on various topics such as “Why Toastmasters?”.  This allows others to relate on a personal level and may be encouraging others to join the Toastmasters program. 

Start a Trend

Social media presence has become an important part of the way we bring awareness to current members as well as the public about the Toastmasters program. Get creative and create a club slogan, start an inter-club social media campaign for bragging rights, or create a special hashtag for your club or special events.

Resource: 5 ways to be creative with PR

Stacey Kaminski,
D42 Public Relations Manager


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