OTY - Recognizing the Best of the Best

District 42 is where Distinguished leaders are made and where we recognize the phenomenal leaders who make our district as successful as it is.   We celebrated excellence in leadership at the spring conference with DARE awards for Area Directors and with the District of the Year awards for the leaders who contributed most across our district from 2020 to 2021.  The Of the Year awards recognize the best of the best and the OTYs (sounds like Oaties) are the most prestigious awards in our District.

It is an honour to be recognized for your contributions at the club level, the Area level and the Division level but the greatest honour is to be recognized as the very best leader across our District for the previous program year.   We had amazing leaders who were stand-out nominees and we are proud to further recognize the following leaders who are our Of the Year recipients for 2020 to 2021

WINNERS 2020-2021

District 42 Rookie of the Year – Marcus Udokang, Westhills Toastmasters

District 42 Public Relations of the Year – Natasha Kutryk, Calgary Pacesetters Toastmasters

District 42 Toastmaster of the Year – Mary Schoendorfer, To the Point Toastmasters

District 42 President of the Year – Mark Ward, Canorators Toastmasters

District 42 Area Director of the Year – Emma Glover, Area A10

District 42 Division Director of the Year – Rebecca Klepic, Division F

For more information on their accomplishments and to learn more about what being a District OTY winner means to each of them, read what about them on D42TM.org.  

Maybe you or someone you know could become an OTY winner!   Your club has recently selected club OTY winners for Rookie of the Year and Toastmaster of the year.    These winners can be recognized in any way the club would like at your year-end meeting or at the year-end BBQ.  If you haven’t already given these clubs awards out, it’s not too late!   You also want to submit your winners to your Area Director by Friday, JULY 15.   Your outgoing Area Director (the AD for 2021/22) will be looking for your club’s nominees for Rookie, Toastmaster and PR (person or group) by Friday, July 15.   You can get nomination forms on D42tm.org.   We know we have amazing leaders, and we want to hear about them to give them much-deserved recognition.   How exciting it will be when your nominees become winners and are announced at the fall Area speech contests! 

Katrina Aburrow, DTM
Past District Director (2021-2022) | District 42
Toastmasters International


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