Two Reasons to Get Excited

It is June and it is the FINAL month of the 2021/22 Toastmasters year. This is a time when this year is winding down and we are starting to prepare for the 2022/23 year.  This is the perfect time to get excited about two things – finishing strong this year and setting ourselves up for success next year. 

Strong Finish

How do we finish strong?   We finish the last speech or two we need to complete our next level, and we submit our levels for credit.   We continue to support our clubs and our fellow club members by attending club meetings and taking part by taking on roles – giving speeches, evaluations, and being the meeting Toastmaster or timer.   Often clubs will take a break during July or August because when you are a Canadian those are the warmest months and the best times to plan a vacation, but many clubs continue to meet over the summer and find they are more prepared to start strong again in September by meeting over the summer.  Even one meeting a month can be enough to maintain momentum during the summer months!


Year-end is also a wonderful time to celebrate your club achievements together!   Many clubs will have a summer get-together, whether it is a virtual year-end celebration event, a hybrid event or an in-person summer BBQ to celebrate all that you and your club have achieved together.  NOW is the time to plan YOUR club’s celebration event, plan some fun activities and gather your stats and pictures so that you know what each person did to contribute to the success of your club this past year.   While getting that information together, your club can recognize the members who put in that extra effort and are deserving of the club Rookie, PR and Toastmaster of the Year awards for your club!   Don’t forget to submit your winners to your Area Director so that they can be considered for the Area Of the Year awards.  You will find the deadlines for submission on the website.

Leadership Training

How do you prepare for success next year?   Elect at least three leaders for your club executive for the 2022/23 year.  Every club must have a club President, a VP  Education, and a club Secretary.  These are the minimum requirements but of course, you want at least one more – perhaps a VP Membership – so that your club executive can attend club executive training and earn credit for your club on the DCP program.   If you have a club with enough members, get all 7 club executive positions filled!  We have planned THREE exciting club training events for the month of June.  Check the events calendar on to register for one of those sessions.   And the best part?  You don’t have to be a club officer to attend training. 

Why should every member go?   Because we have superb keynote speakers who will inspire and energize you!  And I can tell you, the most LIFE changing keynote I saw was at one of those training events.   If you don’t go, you won’t know what you are missing out on!!  And of course, get a current club officer to register the new club officers on club central, it only takes seconds to update this information so that next year’s leaders can reach out to your new team!

Thank You

It has been the greatest honour and privilege to be your District Director this year!   I was inspired by so many amazing leaders before me to take on one of the biggest challenges I have ever dared to take on.   But like all leadership positions in Toastmasters, I was never alone.   The same people who inspired me, also mentored, and guided me, so that any decision or action was taken from within a team of experienced and wise leaders.   If there is something you would like to try, and you’re not sure, DO IT!   You will be so glad that you did!   At a recent All Leaders Call, our Area Directors shared how nervous they were to become district leaders and how much they learned.  They said they were more confident leaders, had more contacts, and felt more comfortable leading, by taking on their roles.   And not even one regretted taking on that next challenge.   Thank you to all of you for being a part of District 42!   All of you mean so much to your leaders and to the entire district because every member truly is key!

Katrina Aburrow, DTM
District Director (2021-2022) | District 42
Toastmasters International


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