Alas, it is still a while before we are all vaccinated and establish herd immunity. But those who continue with life, rather than collapsing under its weight, will stand out from the herd and be better prepared for the post-pandemic revival.

Perhaps the biggest lesson from 2020 is the value of human connection. No, we cannot visit yet. But we can still connect via technology – Zoom, a phone call, even a hand-written letter (a lost art which stands to be revived). Part of that human connection is with your Toastmasters family. With the New Year, it’s time to renew your commitment, to maintain and increase your connection virtually, work on your Toastmaster’s goals, and ensure that your Club remains strong and ready for meeting again in person, whenever that may be.

Meanwhile, was the “dark” so bad? It was different and disruptive. But at Christmas we got together with the family over Zoom, still had a pleasant day and a good meal. I baked (for the Fattening Season), read, worked on my hobbies. And now I am ready for another few months of Zoom Toastmaster meetings.

Zoom has been challenging but exciting; speaking on Zoom is a totally different experience. But what I notice in my Club is that everyone is getting better at it. No more expansive gestures for me, but a focus on facial expression and voice. And it has been fun to learn and to improve.

Spring Speech Contests Highlight Toastmasters

District 42 Spring Speech Contests are underway. Club members who stand out in the Evaluation and International Speech competitions advance to Area and then Division contests taking place in March and April. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the contests. Alas, there can only be one person who proceeds from each contest, but you are all winners.

Stand Out To Receive Of-the-Year Award

The D42 website describes the Of-the-Year Awards in detail. Presented to members who demonstrate outstanding commitment, dedication and leadership, nominations start at the Club level. From these, nominations move to the Area level, and Toastmaster who stand out advance to the Division level. Attend the District 42 Success Summit on May 1 to learn who the D42 OTY Winners for 2019-2020

You too could win an Of-the-Year award and receive a trophy like these for your home or office. Check out the requirements here.

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