Stand Out From The Herd

Alas, it is still a while before we are all vaccinated and establish herd immunity. But those who continue with life, rather than collapsing under its weight, will stand out from the herd and be better prepared for the post-pandemic revival. Perhaps the biggest lesson from 2020 is the value of human connection. No, we cannot visit yet. But we can still connect via technology – Zoom, a phone call, even a hand-written letter (a lost art which stands to …

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Superhero Tech Team

By Irma Goosen | VP Membership, Fluor Communicators D23 The magnitude of COVID-19 shocked the world early in March 2020. Day-to-day routines changed. Following an announcement from Toastmasters International cancelling in-person club meetings, solutions were needed. “How would we connect with our Toastmaster peeps?” “Will the contests go ahead?” “What about my Pathways, my DTM, my CC?” Determined to optimize this new opportunity to learn, grow and expand, leaders and members alike stepped forward. As a result, the idea for …

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