By Irma Goosen | VP Membership, Fluor Communicators D23

The magnitude of COVID-19 shocked the world early in March 2020. Day-to-day routines changed. Following an announcement from Toastmasters International cancelling in-person club meetings, solutions were needed. “How would we connect with our Toastmaster peeps?” “Will the contests go ahead?” “What about my Pathways, my DTM, my CC?” Determined to optimize this new opportunity to learn, grow and expand, leaders and members alike stepped forward. As a result, the idea for D42’s Tech Team sparked.

Tech Team Beginnings

Mid-March Catherine Secundiak, Randall Edge, Robert Boyce, Marshall Ennis, Marvin Henry, Chuck LeBlanc and Ruby Gunna participated in the first official meeting for the team. Subsequently, the steep learning curve began. D42’s Superhero Tech Team was born! Catherine Secundiak unofficially became the leader of this group. A training plan evolved during the weekly meetings. District Executive leaders were relentless in getting them the information needed from Toastmasters International. No member or club would be left behind.


Chatting with Catherine, one quickly discovers her enthusiasm, compassion, and thirst for knowledge.  Of note, she strongly believes in serving the Toastmasters community. For example, when asked if anything could have been done different, she indicated the following:

  • start mentoring team members much sooner
  • share the knowledge with more of D42’s members
  • develop more tech leaders

Otherwise, everything else was done exactly right! Consequently, she holds nothing but praise and admiration for everyone on the Tech Team. Additionally, Rebecca Klepic currently serves as Tech Team Lead benefitting from Catherine’s mentorship.

Next Steps

What’s more, Toastmasters International encourages members, world wide, to embrace technology. In fact, they promote using differing modular meetings to provide opportunity and engagement for more people. Regular in-person meetings will return; however, the ability to attend from a distance is available should circumstances require it. We could get our fix anywhere, anytime!

Today, D42 facilitates online club meetings. Furthermore, they completed all area, division and district online speech contests. As well, Leadership Training, Executive Committee Training and a Celebration are scheduled online in June. Consequently, the need for Tech Team members grows as the District takes advantage of this new reality.

Our District superheroes embraced change taking everything to a new level. More people are being trained weekly to expand the Superhero Tech Team. District leaders want us to succeed. And we, the members, are grateful for the support of the D42 leaders.

“No member or club left behind.”

To join the Tech Team contact Rebecca.

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