We enjoyed a wonderful abbreviated year in Southern Alberta with the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program. Three training sessions occurred for our YLP leaders.  Thus, a strong base of knowledge and familiarity with the youth program was established. Additionally, we focused on team building. 

Team Building

Strong teams facilitated the programs and supported our youth in their meeting roles. Consequently, this ensured the valuable knowledge from our long time YLP Leaders was passed on to those new to the program. Therefore,  teams of 3 or 4 Toastmasters were united with an experienced advisor.  Furthermore, continually grooming the next program leaders resulted in strong program quality and continuity. Not to mention, the workload of planning and facilitating a program became more manageable.


Youth Leadership Roles

Also, by introducing and rotating weekly support roles such as Toastmaster, Table Topics Master, Evaluations, and General Evaluator supported by a Toastmaster Leader the majority of the youth were able to complete all the criteria of YLP Graduation. Thus, we ensured the youth left with an understanding of the essence of the YLP program. Chairmanship, Speech Organization and Effective Evaluations.

14 programs were delivered in Calgary and Okotoks from September 2019 to March 2020.

We would like to thank the following organizations that help facilitate the Program. The Calgary Public Library, The Okotoks  Public Library, Calgary Catholic School District and Calgary Chinatown Lions Club.

Benefit by Facilitating A Youth Leadership Program

Facilitating a YLP is a very rewarding experience, I personally developed instructional skills and team leadership skills. As a parent of two YLP program graduates, I witnessed growth in self-confidence, especially when organizing thoughts in both conversation and school work.

Finally, as we consider a return to public gatherings, we are looking to Alberta Health Services as to when and what the future holds. Continuing the team approach will resume. If you are looking for a rewarding give back opportunity with strong support in your Toastmaster journey, I strongly recommend talking to District Leadership about YLP. 

Let us endeavour to not to leave a better world for our youth but perhaps a better youth for our world.

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