DTM Survey

Long time member survey My club, Literally Speaking, has several members that have been here for many years, ten years or more. Also, the seven club members who have earned the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award. Without a doubt, I realized the participation of these members has been fundamental to my growth. Moreover, they are vital to the success of my club. Therefore, why is it important that these members stay?  Obviously, all of these members are unique. Consequently, they all …

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Club Coach

One of the pre-requisites to obtain a DTM, is to be a Club Coach. Surely there had to be other reasons why we would sign up as Club Coaches? Your Mindset will change When I spoke with Katrina Aburrow, District 42 Club Growth Director, I realized she agreed with my views. Katrina was an unofficial Club Coach long before she formally took the role. She believes we should never give up on a Club. Even long-standing Clubs aren’t always perfect …

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