Long time member survey

My club, Literally Speaking, has several members that have been here for many years, ten years or more. Also, the seven club members who have earned the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award. Without a doubt, I realized the participation of these members has been fundamental to my growth. Moreover, they are vital to the success of my club. Therefore, why is it important that these members stay? 

Obviously, all of these members are unique. Consequently, they all bring their own style and character to every role they take on at meetings. Subsequently, the depth of experience and professionalism these members bring to roles raises the bar for all. Definitely, they are a model for new members. They are vital! 


Clearly, members who achieved the Distinguished Toastmaster award show others what that can look like. Furthermore, they are likely active outside of the club. Possibly in Area, Division and District 42 leadership. When they ask club members for support, others receive the opportunity to be involved outside of their clubs and are exposed to a whole new, and supportive world.

How can we continue to meet the needs of these long-time members? What do they get out of membership? Is it the fun and fellowship? The mentoring opportunities? Perhaps, a need to continue growing and developing? Or Is it the social opportunity?

Unique skills, unique opportunities with DTM

How can Toastmasters District 42, and our clubs, keep this rich depth of experience engaged and active in the District? Do they want to be active exclusively at the club level? Or do they want to be active beyond that? Perhaps members who love to compete need opportunities to train up and coming competitors through the Circle of Gold Program. Do members who are great at developing new clubs need to be supported to do that?

Do you have your Distinguished Toastmaster award? Are you a long time member? 

Complete the survey!

I have a lot of questions! Importantly, I want to hear from as many members as possible. Ultimately, so I can find answers. Please take my survey to help inform me and form the basis for a presentation I am building. 

Thank you for your support!

Mary Schoendorfer, DTM

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