One of the pre-requisites to obtain a DTM, is to be a Club Coach. Surely there had to be other reasons why we would sign up as Club Coaches?

Your Mindset will change

When I spoke with Katrina Aburrow, District 42 Club Growth Director, I realized she agreed with my views. Katrina was an unofficial Club Coach long before she formally took the role. She believes we should never give up on a Club. Even long-standing Clubs aren’t always perfect and could go through tough times. Katrina shared that the end result is more rewarding than anything else. “You become a Club Coach for a reason, but you will leave with a different mindset.”

Gain Inspiration as a Club Coach

I continued my quest with Loretta Gibbons. She is also active as a Coach and has been for many years. Loretta told me she didn’t know what it meant to be one at first. She noticed that the role evolved within District 42 over the years. The District Leaders became part of the drive to pave the way for successful Coaching. A New Frontier was created by their involvement. Loretta continues being a Club Coach because it’s an opportunity to “share information and gain inspiration.”

Rewards are Multifold

My experience has been positive so far. Not only am I supported 100%, but I also found that my Club is open to feedback and suggestions. They will try new ideas even if it means they have to step out of their comfort zones. The rewards are multifold. They have been steadily gaining new members the last few months. I realized I am like a proud parent, waiting for the next step in their growth.

Grow with Us as a Club Coach

Mediating, leadership and communication are skills necessary to be a successful Toastmaster. Do you want to grow? Become part of The New Frontier of Club Coaching.

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