Streaming Live to the District YouTube Account

For Division Contests

Have you ever wondered how to live stream from Zoom to YouTube?  Here are the instructions:

  • Print these instructions, have them nearby (i.e. one less screen/tab to have open).
  • Login to the District Zoom Account
  • Join the meeting with the above credentials (you should automatically get Host if not, claim it)
  • Remember the view you are in, is the view that will be live, choose “Speaker View” as soon as you join the meeting.
    NOTE – you cannot fix this, once streaming has started.
  • When it’s time (debriefs are done, the contest is ready to roll), click in the “More” options, select “Live to YouTube
    • If you did not log in with credentials, you will get a “200” error
  • When directed to sign-on to YouTube (not your Google account, select another account) enter:
    • account name:       XYZ
    • password: (obtain the password well ahead of time)
  • An access code will be sent to a District 42 person’s cell phone.  You need that code.  You have to enter it in the field indicated (This may have to be done twice if your computer has not done this before.  Or none, if you’re already setup)
  • Select account: District 42 Toastmasters (not District42TM)
  • Select allow
  • Have ShareMaster share the slide with the Event title (eg Division X Contest). This will be the first thing seen on YouTube when we go live (better than someone’s face frozen on video).
  • Tell everyone to be silent, that we’re going live soon
    • you can even count down, 3, 2, 1…
  • Zoom Video off
  • Zoom Mic on mute (otherwise if you are checking YouTube, an echo occurs)
  • Click on the red “Go Live” button on your browser
  • Do NOT do anything else on your computer, until the event is over!  Read this step again…
  • When the event is over, have ShareMaster share slide with Goodbye or Thank you
    • All Videos off and, so no one gets frozen with a funny face!
    • Click in the “More” options in Zoom, select “Stop Live Stream
  • After a predetermined amount of time, delete the YouTube recording
  • And that’s all that needs to be done 🙂
  • Zoom streaming help:

Harvey Taphorn,
D42 Tech Team member

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