Where do We Go From Here?

As District Director, I have a vision:

It seems I’m asking myself this question almost every week. The District (as in all of us) finishes one round of activities, only to start another. Let’s consider where we are at this moment.

As of July 1, we had 101 active clubs. We now have 108 paid clubs. Yahoo! I have no doubt we will soar even more. This is a year of rebuilding as our work and community lives adjust to the post-COVID environment. What does this mean for you, for us?

Should We???

Many clubs are struggling with should. Should we return to in-person meetings, should we try hybrid meetings, or should we go totally online? Of course, there is no absolutely correct answer. Each member & each club needs to determine what is best for them. There are so many clubs in our district, you can be part of one which aligns with your preferences. Clubs must first meet the needs of their members, then members start giving back.

Contests & training, as well as special events, are offered by both members & clubs. Check out the D42 website to find something which calls to you.  The website lists Anniversary Celebrations, Circles of Gold, Special Training Events, Contests, Club Coach & PR Mastermind sessions, & many more. Check the Event Calendar often to be aware of what is happening. Participate so you get the most out of your time in Toastmasters. Learn & enjoy.

Convention Recap

We heard at the August Convention in Nashville many of the changes Toastmasters International is working on to enhance the organization. One example is a change to the TI website to make Pathways access more streamlined has already begun.  You will notice a different way to enter Pathways immediately. Unfortunately, the switch to a different ERP (Enterprise Resource Platform—techies will understand this, I don’t) to integrate all TI functions, has caused a few unanticipated problems which are being addressed as quickly as possible.  We as a district have been somewhat frustrated but can you even imagine how the staff at TI is feeling?  They must be fielding a gazillion complaints from all over the world.

Despite this, whenever I speak with anyone, they listen. They are calm, reasonable, & considerate. They strive to solve any issue we have. Perhaps we can take a lesson from them. In facing challenges or difficulties, let’s listen to each other. Let’s not assume offence where none is intended. Let’s work together to make our Toastmaster experience a valuable part of our lives. 

Bev LeBlanc, DTM
D42 District Director

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