Sponsoring a New Club

What is a Club Sponsor?

A club sponsor is assigned to each new club attempting to charter and plays a fundamental role in successfully creating a new Toastmasters club.  The Club Extension Committee assigns club sponsors based on inquiries or applications from members progressing towards the Distinguished Toastmaster accreditation.  A club sponsor is an experienced Toastmaster with leadership skills, a passion for Toastmasters, and a strong dedication to helping charter a new club.  Each new club may have up to two sponsors.

The sponsor is responsible for organizing the new club, including selling the new club idea to prospective members, helping to set up regular meetings, completing the charter paperwork, and planning the charter party. 

The sponsor receives a certificate and credit toward their Pathways DTM.

Why be a Club Sponsor?

As a club sponsor, not only will you share your passion for Toastmasters with new members, but you will also enhance your own skills through the process, such as:

  • Enhance your leadership skills by inspiring others, sharing your knowledge, and creating new leaders
  • Translate values and strategies into productive actions
  • Develop project-management abilities.
  • Expand your marketing expertise.
  • Invest in the future of Toastmasters
  • To share the benefits of the Toastmasters pathways program with others.
  • Enhance your teamwork skills through a new learning experience.
  • Participate in the enthusiasm created in members when starting a new club.
  • Earn credit toward the Distinguished Toastmasters accreditation

Where can I obtain additional information about becoming a New Club Mentor?

Please contact Brian Fegan, The Chair of the Club Extension Committee for District 42  or Daisy Wei, DTM District 42 Club Growth Director.

Brian Fegan,
D42 Club Extension Committee Chair

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