Strike the Right Note: The Power of Pathways

This year’s conference theme is all about striking the right note by using the power of Pathways.

Strike the Right Note: Choosing the Right Partner

When Bev LeBlanc asked me to chair the D42 virtual conference and told me to choose who I wanted to work with, it was a no-brainer. I immediately contacted Keith Lee to work with me as co-chair. Keith is a past District Director and educator, who works in the field of career development. As well, he has almost twice as many years in Toastmasters as I have and that makes him the perfect partner in crime. Also, have you seen this man’s excel spreadsheet skills? Together, we’ve been putting together a virtual conference that combines personal and professional development with the Pathways experience, sprinkled with fun along the way.

Strike the Right Note: The Keynote Speakers

We have three keynote speakers this year, striking the right note for each day of the conference. On Thursday, April 28th, we will have Greg Gazin kick off our conference. He is a master podcaster and is well known throughout the Toastmaster community. On Friday, April 29th, Mohammed Murad, past Toastmaster International President, will share experiences of his own leadership journey and what better way to honour leadership than the same day we hold our district council meeting. Lastly, Daniel Magill from the UK, a multiple district contest winner, will share some humor and wisdom to start off our Saturday morning.

Strike the Right Note: The Educational Speakers

Just as there are 11 different paths in the Pathways program, there are multiple ways to develop your skills in Toastmasters. This year we have three streams of educationals to ensure we hit the right note with all our Toastmaster members.

First, for those who are more laid back, want some fun, and humour in their lives, we have the fun stream of learning. Kevin Porras, who is new to Toastmasters will be sharing his improv knowledge and we will learn from humor experts on the humor panel.

Second, for those who are looking to work on their personal development skills we have a session with Mona Cooley and Vince Aliberti to help build positive mental health. As well, we will have master coach Tim Borys who will help us work on our personal development skills.

Lastly, for those who want to develop their professional skills, we have Catherine Secundiak sharing her leadership lessons, Gimalle Crawford and Steve Olofinlade with expertise in building professional competencies and Anthony Sanni who will demonstrate how creating content can help build your business.

We also believe that we will strike the right note with our Toastmaster Team pairings, our Learn, Listen, Live Lunchtime activity, our conference prizes, and our short lesson on Parliamentary Procedure/Roberts’ Rules presented by Al Gibson and of course, our award presentations.

Contest Season End

Let’s not forget contests too. Contest Chair Chuck LeBlanc and Chief Judge Michelle Ryerson will make sure our District evaluation and International Speech Contests run smoothly and efficiently.

What part of the conference will strike the right note with you? How will the power of Pathways change your life? Your career? How will you use what you learn at this year’s conference to be the best you yet?

Join us and discover the power of Pathways for yourself, April 28th – 30th, 2022.  Can’t wait to see you there!

Ann Nakaska,
D42 Conference Chair 

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