It’s that time of year again – February!   Time to Talk Up Toastmasters! Let’s ramp up our membership recruitment efforts for our clubs!  

Talk Up Open Houses

We invited guests to January Open Houses. Or we are going to invite them to our February Open House. Guess what – your club can win a membership recruitment award!   That’s right, sign up your guests. Then get them involved as new members in your club from February 1 to March 31. Thus, your club qualifies to win a Talk Up Toastmasters ribbon, and 10% off your next Toastmasters store order. Plus, available in District 42 only, a Toastmasters blue tooth speaker.   You have TWO months to sign up FIVE new, dual or reinstated members to be a membership recruitment star. Further, your club will earn another DCP point. Celebrate being a team that knows how to grow your club, even during the extra challenge of a pandemic. 

Make Challenges Opportunities

There are more challenges this year than other years. Don’t think it is impossible to get five or more members in two months. Four clubs did just that in August and September for the Smedley Award.  Reach out to these membership recruitment super stars and see if their membership strategies can work for you!   

FCC Stubble Jumpers Toastmasters attracted and signed up 9 new members by doing a very successful online Open House with 14 guests.  Since they are a corporate club they paid special attention to new employees to the company.  They also followed up with an invite and an opportunity to chat about Toastmasters with every person who was interested in attending.  

Dynamically Speaking, the largest club in the district, had 6 new members join by spending 60% of their effort in planning exceptional meetings and in lavishing their guests with attention.   And all of their members are proud to belong to a special club.   They are always inviting friends to see their club and they have members from around the globe thanks to Zoom.  

Canorators had 5 new members join thanks to a membership building strategy that the executive team created.  They worked hard on improving the quality of their meetings, inviting guests to their meetings by using What’s App to advertise their club and by building relationships with guests.   Calgary Talking has found that MeetUp has consistently brought guests to their club and those guests love what they see and join, giving them 5 new members during the Smedley Award time period.

Learn from other clubs experience

If you still want to learn how to get more members talk to last year’s Talk Up Toastmasters winners.  Nine clubs signed up 5 or more members in February and March last year – SAIT Sayers 8 members, Calgary Pace Setters 7 members, Estevan and High Risers 6 members and Calgary Talking, Wild Oats, Club 13, FAC and Speech Hub had 5 new members.   Let’s see if we can have even more clubs win with award this year!

I hope your club is a Talk Up Toastmasters super star this year!

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