Announcing Club Fitness Awards

Club Fitness Awards

Toastmasters District 42’s Program Quality Director, Christina Kruis, is please to annouce the The CLUB FITNESS AWARD.

This Award is given to clubs that:
> Confirm all emails for their entire membership are accurate
> Present Moments of Truth and provide the date of presentation
> Submit their Club Success Plan to their Area Director and Program Quality Director (

These three tasks must be completed by October 30.

Successful clubs will receive a Toastmasters cinch pack and water bottle.
Register here once you to apply for this award.
Here’s the link to the survey:

Saya has offered to present a Moments of Truth workshop. Each club can send a member to learn how to effectively present this workshop to their club.  Watch the EVENTS calendar for the date and location.  Moments of Truth tells our members we are listening to them. The club executive is creating the resources, strategies and support for members to achieve their goals. What a great way to increase retention and grow our clubs.    

ALSO as announced in latest Dispatch:

AD’s that submit all their AD reports before Oct 30 will be rewarded (and DD’s that have 100% AD reports submitted will be awarded too).  You will enjoy a TMI Coffee cup with a Smedly quote to remember your success.

Recognized Area Director Award!!! 

Do it right, get recognized.  Nice concept!!!


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Breaking News: DTM Traditional Program

DTM 2020 Traditional Pgm

READ THIS NOW if you are working in the Traditional TM Program. 

Don’t Miss Out!!

Do you have accurate information about completing awards in the Traditional TM program? Please read these tips to be sure you are achieving all you can before June 2020. Plan now and be successful.  The District can help and we are excited that members are supporting each other. 

1. The deadline to submit all educational awards for the Traditional program is June 2020. You can be on both the Traditional program and the Pathways programs at the same time.

That means there are only a few more months to complete any partially completed educational awards on the Traditional Program (CC, CL, ALB etc.) or to complete your DTM. Careful planning may be required. We encourage you to complete these awards and get credit for both you and your club for the work you have done. At this time, TI suggests you submit your award application in early June even if the requirements will not be completed until June 30. They will hold and process the application once the requirements are recognized.

2. Log on to the Toastmaster International site and make sure your profile is up to date. Have you received all of the education awards you think you have completed?

Sometimes educational awards get missed or not submitted and members do not always get credit for work they have completed. We want to make sure if you have done the work – you get the credit. Please check your profile under Education Awards on the Toastmaster International site.

3. Do an analysis of everything you have completed to date on the attached Traditional program requirements. What do you need to do to complete your next educational award or your DTM for June 2020?

This analysis will help you have a clear understanding of what you would need to do to complete any educational awards such as an Advanced Leadership Bronze or an Advanced Communication Gold. Please email us at for support.

4. If you need to be a club coach/mentor/ sponsorPlease email us at for support.

5. If you need to complete an HPL (High Performance Leadership project) to complete your ALS- Advanced Leadership SilverPlease email us at for support.

6. If you need to complete a Speechcraft, Youth Leadership or longer educational speech to complete your ACG- Advanced Communication gold, please email us at for support.  We need leaders for  events, contests, training and other creative initiatives.

6. If you need to be a District Officer for a year for your Advanced Leadership Silver and your DTM – THIS IS STILL POSSIBLE.  If the member becomes a successful coach by June 30, they will receive credit for both coach and District service.  Please email us PROMPTLY at for support.

7. We encourage you to submit your application for as many educational awards as possible to get credit for the work you have done on the Traditional program.

For example, many people have completed their Competent Communicator and their Competent Leader manuals as well as held a club executive role. Do you realize that if you attended club officer training and did two educational speeches, you are eligible for your Advanced Leadership Bronze award?

We want to see all our Toastmaster members who are currently on the Traditional program complete as many educational awards as possible and experience the success they deserve for all the hard work they have done over the years.

 Yours in Toastmasters,

Ann Nakaska, DTM

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Pathways: Go Time (The Webinar) Now On-Line

Pathways Webinar

We are no longer talking about Pathways, we are living it! Veteran and Rookie members alike are all getting deep into this Toastmasters learning experience now, and this naturally results in a number of questions. Therefore, this Pathways training session was designed to answer them – all of them!

This Pathways demo is customized to answer your questions. We don’t talk about how to do it, we show you how to do it. Let’s Go: Get out your laptop and do it yourself!

Finally, this training session has some requirements:

• All members need to have their personal device with them, to login to TM and access their own personal Pathways training program.

• All attendees must commit to becoming a Pathways Superuser and resource to their fellow club members.

Click on link below:

Pathways: Go Time (The Webinar)

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District 42 Opportunities

District 42 Leadership committed to “Leave no club and no member behind.”  

Are you looking for a project for Pathways or a High Performance Leadership (HPL) project or a project for completing your DTM? Explore the many opportunities available to help you achieve your goals as you acquire valuable leadership skills. Make a difference as you help share the load, contribute expertise and time, and connect to build community.

Work With the District Executive Team

Marketing Committee

Assistant Area Directors

  • Contact your Area Director or Division Director for opportunities, or email

Logistics Manager

  • Selects meeting locations and organizes the room
  • Ensures the atmosphere is conducive to successful events, such as business meetings, speech contests, and training.
  • Sets up the necessary equipment
  • Assists district leaders with meeting arrangements
  • Distributes program materials
  • Keeps track of district property, and addresses disruptions during events.
  • A track record of organization and diplomacy are a must for this role. 

District Incentives Coordinator

  • Track member awards and organize ribbons for distribution

Club Coach

  • As club advisor, your responsibility is not to run the club but to let it know its options and guide it toward excellence.
  • Learn more

Moments of Truth Facilitators

  • Help clubs work through their Moments of Truth (MOT)
  • “Moments of Truth” discusses the standards necessary to create positive impressions about club service and provided a club evaluation exercise.

Contact D42 Moments of Truth Coordinator – Saya Sanyal

Join Our PR Team

Are you ready to join a team where your voice is heard, and you have the opportunity to work with creative and fun projects on a regular basis? The Public Relations Team is seeking members with special skills, who are willing to help with our communications team this term.

  • Graphic Artists 
  • Media Relations Coordinator – Work with PRM on Press Releases and Media Followup
  • Social Media Coordinators – FB, Instagram, LinkedIn

Contact the Public Relations Manager, Marcy Field –

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District 42 Leadership Team 2019-2020

Welcome to District 42. Click HERE to see a video message from Jocelyn Hastie, DTM,District Director 2019-2020

We are delighted to announce the members of our 2019-2020 District 42 Leadership Team.

Ray L McPhee, CC, CL – Division A Director

Camille Gibney, DL1 – Division B Director

Dana Cusi, ACB, ALB – Division C Director

Rayanne Rodier, VC1 – Division D Director

Saya Sanyal, IP2 – Division E Director

Katrina Aburrow, PM2 – Division F Director

Watch for the appointed Area Directors in the next Dispatch.

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The Club Coach Program

Being a Club Coach fulfils a requirement to earn your Advanced Leader Silver award.

  • You do not need to have reached any specific level in Toastmasters or given a specific number of speeches to be a coach.
  • You cannot coach a club of which you are a member.
  • The club coach relationship will last for at least a year and many coaches find themselves staying and joining the club when the year is over.
  • You are there to advise a club; make suggestions on ways they can improve. You are not there to do the work for the members and leaders.
  • Your objective is to rebuild a club by helping them reach the Distinguished Club Program goals, including membership number goals.
  • Club Coaches are appointed by the District Club Growth Director.
  • Two Club Coaches may be appointed for any Club with 12 or fewer paid members.
  • A Club Coach may not be a member of the “At Risk” Club at the time of his or her appointment.
  • The Club Coach will receive a distinctive pin upon his or her appointment and further recognition upon successful completion of the program.
  • A Club Coach is successful if the Club becomes Distinguished during the Coach’s appointment. Successful Club Coaches receive credit toward the Advanced Leader Silver designation.
  • The term for a Club Coach can be extended one year beyond the year of appointment, upon request.

Be a Club C-O-A-C-H!

Learn more 

To discuss the opportunity, please email Christina Kruis, Club Growth Director –

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Highlights from the 2018 International Convention

Members of District 42 travelled to Chicago Illinois to attend the Toastmasters 2018 International Convention… including:

  • District Director, Catherine Secundiak, DTM
  • Program Quality Director, Dunstant Taylor, DTM
  • Club Growth Director, Christina Kruis, DTM
  • District Speech Contestant, Russ Dantu, DTM
  • Past International Director, Jacquie Schnider, DTM, PID
  • Past District Director, Carolyn Kaldy, DTM
  • Club Extension Chair, Ryan Rupchan, ACB, ALS (First-Timer)
  • Club 13 Treasurer, Mathew Ratch, DTM (First-Timer)

Here are a few of the highlights:

District Leadership Training (Aug 20-21)

District Leaders attend training with the rest of the 106 Districts from around the world.

District Leaders receive certificates of recognition for completing District Leader Training.

Catherine, Dunstant and Christina attended two days of leadership training.  Topics included:

  • How to connect, collaborate and work as an effective team – Try out the Work Styles Assessment Scoring Form to find out your work style.  You may be able to guess but just in case you can’t, Catherine is primarily an Owl, Dunstant is primarily a Peacock and Christina is primarily a Dove.
  • ValueSelling – we were taught a simple sales process (ValueSelling Framework) and how to use Open, Probe and Confirm questions to manage the dialogue with a prospect – Click Here to request a free book!  Click Here to find out more about the framework.
  • How to set District Goals and manage District Finances.
  • We worked as District teams but also worked with our District counterparts to learn leader tools and share best practices.

International Convention (Aug 22-25)

Day 1: Board Briefing, Leadership Panel, Educationals, First-Timers Event, Opening Ceremonies

Board Briefing Notes (unofficial, subject to errors and ommissions) – official minutes will be posted within a month here.

CEO, Dan Rex, informs us at the Board Briefing that service standards have been unacceptable but are now returning to normal levels.

  • Pathways adoption around the world is 42% (52% in District 42)
  • Slow growth in membership over the past 2 years (2.1% in 2017, 1.4% in 2018)
  • Some pain in fulfilling orders due to outsourcing, but it is getting better now.  Customer service calls are now within normal standards.
  • Sally Newell Cohen (COO) is leaving Toastmasters International.  She had attended the District 42 2018 Spring Conference virtually with George Marshall… Sally will be dearly missed.
  • Future International Conventions will be 2019 in Denver, Colorado; 2020 in Paris, France; 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee; 2022 in San Antonia, Texas.
  • Addendum of Standard Club Options will be updated to allow for other currencies and separating club dues from international dues.
  • A Global advertising test will be conducted in California and Florida in early 2019.
  • Detailed Communication Plan is now developed for District Public Relations Managers and the Marketing Plan will be updated for Club Growth Directors.  There are plans to automate and put online the District Success Plan (no date provided).
  • The Distinguished Club Program will be updated, for July 1, 2020, to include membership satisfaction and member retention.  There will be a fourth level of recognition beyond “President’s Distinguished” called “Smedley Distinguished”.

More highlights…

District Leaders attend the Board Briefing

First Timers – Ryan Rupchan and Mathew Ratch from Regina

District Director, Catherine Secundiak, was honoured to carry the flag of Mali during the Opening Ceremonies.

Opening Ceremonies – 106 countries represented

Day 2: Hall of Fame, Educationals, Speech Contest Semi-Finals

Hall of Fame

District 42 achieves the “Excellence in Program Quality” award for outstanding achievement in Distinguished Clubs. Catherine Secundiak accepts the award from International President, Balraj Arunasalam.

Celebrating the educational achievements of members from around the world.  Recognition of Distinguished Districts, Presidential Citation Winners (congratulations to George Marshall, who attended our 2018 Spring Conference, for receiving a Presidential Citation award, joining our very own Carolyn Kaldy who is a past recipient), and Excellence in Program Quality and Club Growth.  Click Here to read more about the Excellence in Program Quality Award.

Speech Contest Semi-Finals

Russ Dantu – intense and captivating performance!

There were three rounds throughout the day, covering 10 speech contests.  Our District 42 Speech Contestant, Russ Dantu, was in Round 3 (starting at 8:00 pm local time) in Contest #9.  The competition was fierce in this round and all of District 42 was out to support Russ, including Toastmasters viewing parties happening back home in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  We are very proud of Russ for placing third in his semi-final.  He was in the zone, on top of his game, he left it all out there.  Way to go Russ!

MVP and other members, in Calgary, cheering on Russ.

District 42, in Chicago, cheering on Russ.

Russ Dantu contestant questions.

Winners of semi-final #9.

Day 3: Candidates Showcase, Educationals, Golden Gavel, Accredited Speakers

Candidates Showcase

On Sunday, August 18 and Wednesday, August 22, Your District Executive Leadership Team interviewed 18 candidates for the offices of 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and International Directors for Regions 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14.  Each Candidate participated in the Candidates Showcase the morning of August 24, by responding to a series of questions for 6 min.  Very strong candidates this year, everyone did an amazing job with their extreme table topics, the pressure must have been enormous!

Golden Gavel recipient – Keith Ferrazzi

Golden Gavel Recipient, Keith Ferrazzi, presents on Co-Elevation.

Keith Ferrazzi receives the Golden Gavel award from International President, Balraj Arunasalam

Keith is an inspiration to all those who meet him.  He emotionally shared with the audience that his late father was a Toastmaster and he would have been so proud of this honour.  He introduced the concept of co-elevating, contracting with each other to help all of us reach higher.  You can read more about this concept here.  It makes me think of the “Circle of Gold” groups around our district; how we work together in a way that elevates everyone in the group.

Accredited Speakers

2018 Accredited Speakers

Want to become a professional speaker?  Learn more about the Accredited Speaker program here.  On Friday, we watched 9 contestants go for their Accredited Speaker designation.  Six individuals join our very own Freddi Dogterom, DTM, AS as an Accredited Speaker (AS):  Valda Boyd Ford #81, Terry Watson #80, Tamara Hamilton #79, Maurice DiMino #78, Greg Wood #77, Edwin W. Ettinghausen #76.

Day 4: Annual Business Meeting, Region Gatherings, World Championship of Public Speaking, President’s Inauguration Reception and Dance

Annual Business Meeting

The races for office were all pretty close.  In particular, the office for 2nd Vice President.  After 4 ballots, Margaret Page, from British Columbia, came out on top, and will/may be our International President in the future.  Much of Margaret’s success can be attributed to her Campaign Manager, our very own Jacquie Schnider, DTM, PID.

Jacquie Schnider (left), Margaret Page, Russ Dantu

Running a campaign takes a lot of work and having a team beside you, lead by your Campaign Manager, is essential.  It is great to know that we have expertise in our District to help anyone reach the highest office in Toastmasters International.

We enthusiastically support our Golden leader, Lark Doley, as International President.

International President, Lark Doley

Catherine Secundiak had a chance to talk with Lark Doley earlier in the year and she shared what she wanted the Districts to focus on this year:

  • Club Excellence – focus on the District Mission (We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence) but inparticular on supporting our existing clubs by strengthening the Area Directors and building club-to-club support and relationships.
  • Awareness, Participation and Engagement – Public Relation Managers have been underutilized in the past.  Strengthen the Public Relations teams this year.
  • Teams – Focus on running the district with teams, including finding assistants for Area and Division Directors.
    • F – Future – Develop leaders for the future
    • O – Opportunities – Provide opportunities to learn and grow
    • C – Challenges – Work together to overcome challenges
    • U – Unity of Purpose – One shared vision for the District
    • S – Strategy – Have a plan

World Championship of Public Speaking

1st Place – Ramona J. Smith (centre)
2nd Place – Sherrie Su (right)
3rd Place – Anita Fain Taylor

Toastmasters International made history, the first time ever the top three positions in the competition were won by women!  The contest was amazing!

Members in Regina watched the contest live on demand!

Congratulations to the 30,000 plus members who competed in the International Speech contest last year.  We are looking forward to another successful competition this year.  You could be the next World Champion of Public Speaking!

International Convention was fun too!

Although the Educational sessions were exceptional at the Convention, we also had an opportunity to meet and learn from leaders around the world, including Past International Presidents.  It wasn’t all business, we had some fun too!

We participated in the “Sing A Long”.

Ryan Rupchan, Christina Kruis and Catherine Secundiak at the “Sing a Long”

An Irish tradition, headed up by Past International President, Ted Corcorgon, where members are invited to get on stage and sing while audience members are encouraged to join in.  It is a place to meet people, sing together, and enjoy each other’s company.  It took place every night of the Convention, usually ending around 1:00 am… and usually resulting in continued discussions well past 3:00 am (we didn’t get much sleep at Convention).

President’s Inauguration Dance – Toastmasters really know how to party!  On the last day of the Convention is a dance party, it is non-stop dancing with an amazing DJ – props included!  We’ve heard there may be a video of Catherine Secundiak and Russ Dantu rocking out on stage to AC/DC – head banging, air guitar and the works!

Join us for the 2019 Toastmasters International in Denver Colorado, home of the new Toastmasters International World Headquarters.

Toastmasters World Headquarters, located at 9127 South Jamaica St., Englewood, CO 80112 (PRNewsfoto/Toastmasters International)

The host District is now located in Region 4, the same Region District 42 is located in.  They will be looking for people from throughout the Region to help out.  If you have ever wanted to be a part of the planning committee for an International Convention, now is your shot!  Message Catherine Secundiak ( for more information.

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Clarification on District 42 President of the Year

Here is an outline of the process for awarding President of the Year:

Firstly, the process is fully outline in the District 42 Procedures Section 3.7 and is available on
the District 42 website under Resources/ District Resources.

Section 3.7.2 outlines the Eligibility for a Club President to be eligible for the award, however
here is the eligibility criteria listed below.

a) Must have served a FULL TERM as Club President during the preceding calendar year

a. What does this mean? It means that they must have served either 6 or 12
months based on your club officer election terms

b) Meet the following criteria;

a. Achieved at least Distinguished Club Program (DCP)

i. This means that a club has to achieve at least 5 out of the 10 eligible
points in the Distinguished Club Program and met the membership
requirement in order to be considered Distinguished or higher..

b. Submitted Semi-Annual Dues x 2

i. This means that clubs dues must be received into Toastmasters
International by April 1 and October 1.

c. Submitted Club Officer List by June 30 at the end of their term

i. An example is that if you were a Club President for the Toastmaster year
2019/2020 that means it would have to be submitted by June 30, 2020.

d. Was represented by voting delegate(s) at the two District Council Meetings

i. This means that either the Club President or VP Education were in attendance at the Virtual Fall District Council Meeting AND

ii. Either the Club President or VP Education were in attendance or submitted a proxy for a
member to act on their behalf at the Spring District Council meeting at Spring Conference. The proxy holder must have been a member of the club.

e. Was represented by a voting delegate or proxy at the Toastmasters
International Annual Business meeting

i. This means that either they were in attendance or submitted a proxy for a
member to act on their behalf.

f. For clubs electing annually, the President is not serving a successive full
term in office

i. For the purposes of determining successive terms, the Club President as
listed at Toastmasters International as of September 1 of the TM year
shall be used.

g. For clubs electing semi-annually, the President is not serving a second or
more successive full term in office

i. A President of club electing semi-annually is allowed to serve two six month
terms consecutively.


The procedure for selecting this recipient of this award is:

a) The Chairman of the Past District Governors and Directors Committee shall send a copy
of the Nomination Form as published on the District 42 website to the past Vice
President Education and the current President on record of all eligible clubs, by August

b) To nominate its Past President for this award, the club completes the Nomination Form,
attaches the necessary documentation and ensures it is delivered to the Division
Director not later than September 15.

c) The Division Director, along with such other members of the present and previous
division executive team as deemed appropriate, will review each eligible submission and
select a Division Club President of the year. The Division shall forward the club’s
Nomination Form and documentation of the division recipient to the chairman of the Past
District Governors and Directors Committee no later than September 30.

d) The Past District Governors and Directors Committee shall select on District recipient.

Level Submitted Before… Submitted by… Submitted to… Awarded at… Awarded by…
Club 2019/2020 District Director sends nomination forms to 2019/2020 club VP education and 2020/2021 club president for all qualifying clubs by August 15
Area Not Awarded
Division September 15, 2020 2019/2020 VP Ed

2020/2021 President

2019/2020 Division Director Fall 2020 Division Contest 2019/2020 Division Director, if present
District September 30, 2020 2019/2020 Division Director 2019/2020 District Director 2021 District Conference 2019/2020 District Director (who will be the 2020/2021 Immediate Past District Director)

If you have any questions about whether or not your club would be eligible or have a general
question about any of the OF THE YEAR awards, you can email Immediate Past District
Director Catherine Secundiak at

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